Fill out the form below if you are looking to network in the Memphis area for employment after your transition from the military.  We will try to connect you with employers likely to be interested in your skills for employement.

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Don't beat around the bush here. If you want $100,000 then say it, but know that the higher your price yourself the less attention you get. Its a real struggle. Be honest here about what you're willing to live with and this process will go much more smoothly in the long run. You wont waste your time or a potential employers time.
Include your rank/rate/designator category LT/Surface Warfare, DCCM, CWO3/Advanced Electronics
Be direct. Giving us flowery Fitrep/Eval language does not help us find you a place. If you dont know, pick something. Being a utility player wont help you here. You've got to plant a flag, make a declaration and live with it. If that doesnt work out, you can change it later.
Again, belay the flowery word-smithing. It doesn't help. Save that for your awards. Tell us what you accomplished as concisely as possible otherwise we wont read it.
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